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Ghazal – the rhythmic poem of love and pain!

Ghazal – the rhythmic poem of love and pain!

Ghazal is a rhythmic poem made out of beautiful couplets written in different languages like Urdu, Persian, Hindi and more. This form of songs and music are very famous and acclaimed. Ghazals are sung with a lot of depth and have high lyrical value. The lyrics form the core of any ghazal and can be mood elevators.

Originated as early as the sixth century, ghazals are considered acutely expressive form of songs with the central theme of love or separation. The poetic expression of romance and pain makes ghazals awfully captivating. Predominant in South Asia in the Islamic rule of the twelfth century, ghazals were written to commemorate romance and anguish.

Any ghazal consists of five or more couplets. And mostly the second line of each couplet ends with the same word or phrase. Few of the poets referred their names in the last couplets lending it their notably personal touch. Originated in Arabic and Urdu languages now a day it is written in myriads of languages.

Ghazals are often sung in slow notes and are revered by Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and Afghani musicians. The music of ghazals fit into classical and light classical form. There is also a touch of Sufism found in many of these songs. And the beloved is often referred as the Lord or the Spiritual Master.

Some of the world renowned ghazal singers are Ghulam Ali, Begum Akhtar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Jagjit Singh to name a few. They have made it reach to a spellbound level and extended its appeal across nations. In the otherwise pragmatic and brutal world, Ghazals pay a homage to love and longing and are thus admired all over.