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Jain Stavan

Jain Stavan – form of prayer in Jain religion!

Jain Stavan – form of prayer in Jain religion!

Jain Stavan refers to the chanting and reciting of virtues of Lord in Jainism. In Jainism there are twenty four Tirthankars (forms of Lord) and there are separate Stavans for each of them. Beyond them, the stavan includes the verses glorifying the importance of places of enlightenment of the Tirthankars and places of pilgrimage.

Some of the types are navkar jain stavan, prachin jain stavan, manibhadra jain stavan, nakodaji jain stavan and more to enlist. These can be sung singly or in a group as well. When sung in temples or in festival ceremonies, these are woven in classical ragas. These are not language specific and can be sung in Gujarati, Sanskrit, and Marwari etc.

These can be recited any time of the day with only one condition that the devotee must be wearing neat and clean clothes. The Jains recite stavans the way others do bhajans. This is their form of worship of God by praising his virtues and his grace. This is a form of prayer just like chanting in Hinduism calms the mind and purifies the soul.

The Stavans include the famous stories of the Lord which can be few or more in number. The stories are taken from conduct and life from the birth to the nirvana of the Tirthankars. When recited by children, these induce knowledge of their deity in them and are very educative as well. All and all, this form of prayer in Jainism is extremely soothing, relaxing and detoxifying.