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Lagna Geet

Aivo sagado sansar . Chab lagan geet Gujarati

Aivo sagado sansar . Chab lagan geet gujarati

Lagna Geet – marriage songs

Lagna Geet – marriage songs

The Gujarati term lagna geet actually means marriage songs. As per the name, these are songs sung during any marriage. It’s a traditional culture to sing these songs during marriage ceremonies. It’s a mark of celebration of marriage. Often sung by the elderly the lyrics of these songs give details about the ceremony and also include some funny comments to tease the groom or the bride’s relatives.

Sung mostly by the local ladies and close aids of the bride and groom, lagna geet makes the whole mood very light and enjoyable. The songs sung relates to the customs taking place during the marriage. Many a times to make the mood alive, names of bride or groom’s relative are also added in it. Traditionally, simple instruments like table, shehnai are used to give music for these songs.

But now a day, even modish musical instruments are used for lending music for the lagna geet. These are choired to add new flavor to the marriage celebration of and to entertain the bride, groom and their relatives.  An extremely beautiful part of the conventional Guajarati culture, the lagna geet are often quite effervescent and bubbly.

Starting from the worship of Lord Ganesha, the main marriage ceremony to the bride’s departure from her paternal home; there is a geet for each ritual making it more special. Lagna geet when sung alleviates the mood of the guests and the family members of the bride and the groom and thus are an inseparable part of marriages in Gujarat.