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Lok Geet – folk songs

Lok Geet – folk songs

The literal meaning of the term lok geet is folk songs. In India, one can find manifold forms of Lok geet due to the diverse regions and cultures. Every state and province has its folk songs giving away the feel of music of that state. These songs are an identity of the place and bestow its specialties. Sung by local and regional singers, the lok geet are a manner by which people entertain the self and others.

The lyrics of these songs are in their regional language and are composed in regional music making it a wholesome representative of the place. There are many forms and version of these songs depending upon the different colloquial languages of the province. These songs are often narrative and descriptive of famous dialogues and historic events of the area.

Mostly found in small villages these lok geets put forward the cultural heritage of the zone. The musical instruments used are also very basic and of primitive form. The folk singers pass this talent to their generations in order to keep the legacy going. Folk songs also give away different moods and are sung in front of an audience.

The musicians are also localites who like to compose folk music and in the process amuse the crowd. Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Assamese and many other forms of lok geet are an inseparable and inimitable part of the cultural heritage of India. Each has its uniqueness in form, lyrics and music. Lok Geet is the best way to represent the tradition and culture of any place!