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Ramvani & Hanuman

Ramvani & Hanuman Chalisa

Ramvani & Hanuman Chalisa

In simple terms, Ramvani means the words of the Lord Rama. These are the words, teachings and advices given by Lord Rama. Lord Rama is believed to be very righteous and hence his advices and teachings hold high importance in the Hindu religion. Ramvani preaches the followers about proper conduct and way of living and are also sung by the devotees in gathering and groups.

The word chalisa means the number forty. And Hanuman Chalisa means a bunch of forty couplets formed for the Lord Hanuman. These couplets praise the Lord and depict his life and events. Formed by Tulsidasa an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman, these are sung to appreciate the Lord, his virtues and his grace. These are chanted and sung as a mark of worship of Lord Hanuman.

Many scriptures are found depicting the life of Lord Rama, but Ramvani are the verses of the Lord himself and so is considered substantial by the devotees. That is the message of the Lord for his worshipers and thus possesses a very important place in Hinduism. The Lord led an extremely dutiful and exemplary life and so his words and message encourages one to live a virtuous and responsible life.

While Hanuman Chalisa is a prayer for the Lord and is believed to remove all form of evil and negative effects. Thus, the devotees recite it to praise the Lord, to express their gratitude and to remove any evil effects in the mind and the surroundings. A combination of both Ramvani and Hanuman Chalisa can bring regulation, discipline, peace and harmony in life.