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‘Sanedo’ fame Maniraj Barot dies of heart attack

Date : 2006-09-30 19:55:30
Maniraj Barot, creator of ‘Sanedo’, folksong which has made Navratri revelers mad died today evening of a massive heart attack during performance in Rajkot. ‘Sanedo’ has taken the entire state by storm and this year in Navratri people are dancing to the tunes of ‘Sanedo’.

Barot who is originally from Ahmedabad settled in Rajkot few years back. His style has created a new form of folk songs and he was the most sought after singer in Navratri. He was coming to Ahmedabad for a programme in the night. He started from Rajkot around 4 pm and stopped at a place near Kuwavada. He started singing and while he was performing he collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.

Barot has been surrounded in controversies. Sometime back he was caught with liquor bottles and was jailed for 15 days. His dispute with his wife had become public. He was also involved in an accident case where a person died.

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