Meaning of “S A N E D O”

Meaning of “S A N E D O”……

At last some one has given a clue for the meaning of SANEDO, a typical folksong from north Gujarat and was a hit in the Navratri!

Meanwhile, after the emergence of the original Sanedo song, there came a no. of songs and Bhaktigeets. .e.g Bhathiji no sanedo, mahakali no sanedo, ambe maa no sanedo, dashaamaano sanedo etc etc…..which makes a listener confused as “what is this SANEDO? yaar!”

if somebody sings it just ask, hey, whats the meaning of sanedo?

At first if you use the context in which the song has been sung, you will find that it means something like a group,a fair(meLo), or some kind of gathering…..
But, here’s the actual meaning of that magical word….

The original pronounciation and the original word is “SNEHDO”

Remember a (again from north Gujarat) folk song…Rajudee no NEDO laagyo??

SNEH or NEH means love, feeling, affection…
The SANEDO song contains couplets of four lines.
It is the product of old Bhavaee (the folkdrama of Gujarat)
The credit goes to a folk artist Mr. Arvind Barot, and late Maniraj Barot made it popular by singing and dancing on it!
(You may compare the word with a dance form of Cuba, SALSA)

…so folks, JhumO, nacho and gaaO…