Dayro – form of Gujarati folk narrative song!

The term Dayro literally means caste dinner specifically in the Rajput community. It also means a meeting or assembly of elderly and experienced men, convention or gathering of friends. In the traditional Gujarat specifically in Saurashtra region, when there was a large congregation or a community function, these form of melodious narrative stories were told for entertainment.

The raconteurs narrate miraculous and even tragic stories in a very captivating manner. The narrator always has an inimitable style of telling folk stories such that the crowd would feel entertained. Dayro (gathering) also involves singing traditional songs and episodes reflecting on human nature. The latest trend also includes comedy such that the group would have heartfelt laughter and have a high time.

This interesting manner of amusement along with knowledge sharing is an ideal way to rejuvenate the mind. This form of discourse engages the crowd and makes the evening a fruitful one. The Dayro artists are very famed for their mannerism and dialects. And their language varies with the province and adds a different colloquial flavor to the recitation.

The instruments used in composing background music for Dayro are very primitive and traditional in form. The basic musical impediments include harmonium, tabla, sarangi, manjiras and the likes. This gives the essence of the place and the famous stories of the place. These are often very educative and loved by the kids.
This conventional form of story-telling is a characteristic form of Gujarati culture and especially belongs to the rural parts of the state. In modern times, such programs are organized at places and even telecasted on the television. This is the best way to showcase the cultural heritage and specialty of Gujarat.

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